1. Light of Green Hollow by Isvoc
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Dawn of Victory by AlexandraVBach
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Guilty by yuumei
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Lantern fairy
Fairies and Me
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Relic by yigitkoroglu
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Hate by Vasylina
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Bloody Zodiac. Sagittarius by Vasylina
  10. Jaw-dropping rotating 3D nebula

    We’ve all dreamed of floating around the cosmos, peering here and there, getting up close and personal views of celestial bodies… right? One benefit of taking such a trip would be the ability to see the 3D structures of things like nebulas and galaxies, should we catch them at the right distance and angle.

    The best we can do from Earth is approximation and imagination. That’s what space photographer J-P Metsävainio does. He takes as much scientific data as he can, and applies artistic license to the rest.

    The results are jaw-dropping. Here’s one of his 3D GIFs:


    (Source: jtotheizzoe, via astrobum)

Stars Dance by TaniaART